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Frequently Asked Questions

paragraph icon   What is an "Intuitive Animal Communicator"?

An Intuitive Animal Communicator is someone who can communicate with animals on a deep, non-verbal level. This is the practice of being able to sense images, emotions or feelings from a distance. This practice does take time to learn - but anyone can be taught how to communicate with their pets intuitively.

paragraph icon   Do you need to be in the same room as my pet?

No. A communication session can take place over the phone, e-mail or in person. It all depends on the needs of the animal. Most sessions can be done via e-mail or phone.

paragraph icon   Can you communicate with my pet that is deceased?

Yes. An animal's spirit is eternal, and the bonds of love are unbreakable. Even though our pets are no longer physically with us, a communication can still happen with them.

paragraph icon   How will I know if a communication has worked?

You will know by the results. You may notice a change in behavior or the demeanor of your pet for the better. If the communication has happened with a pet that is deceased, then you will know by the peace of mind you feel after your session.

paragraph icon   Why do I need a follow-up session?

Follow up sessions are to ensure that the core issue was address with you and your animal. Over time, as an Animal Communicator, I can build a relationship with you the owner and with the animal. This way we can get to the issues that are really going on to help keep them resolved. It is always a good practice to check in and see how the animal is doing after a session.

paragraph icon   I have another question...

We will be glad to respond to your question. Please E-mail me with your question, and we will respond promptly.

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