Saturday, October 20, 2018

Do Dogs Get Depressed?

As an Animal Communicator, I hear a lot of questions from a wide variety of people. Most questions come from my mother (who is still wrapping her head around what it is I do *exactly*). This week’s post was inspired by one of her phone calls. She called me and got straight to the point by asking this:

“Hol, do dogs get depressed?”

My response was that yes, dogs do indeed get depressed. She went on to explain that a friend of hers had a dog who was given medication for their depression. I also explained to her that dogs are emotional beings like we are. She was still shocked at this revelation when she kept saying “Who would have known that a dog could get depressed?”

That is the point that I want all of you, my readers - to understand. That all animals, regardless of the species are emotional beings. They feel the full range of emotions like we do. They feel joy, love, anger, sadness, and they grieve. I am always sharing with people that animals are thinking, feeling, sentient beings, who have their own thoughts and opinions about the world around them.

My teacher - Penelope Smith has a wonderful blog entry entitled “Animals Confound Expectations”. In this entry, she talks about some of her experiences as an Animal Communicator and how most people have low expectations about an animals emotional sense, yet the animals wind up surprising the people.

As you go about your day with your animal companion, think about or be open to what is going through their minds and/or their emotions in each situation (if you don’t already). Or you can assess a situation if your animal companion acts very differently.